About the Artist

The European artist Cornelia Weselowski was born in Bucharest-Romania in 1972. Worship the sea, the beach, the oysters, the wall, the stone. The shore and the water reflecting it or opposing it, fighting for an equally intensive sky, the blue and the silver which belong to the shining fluid even in those hidden parts, figuratively justified, where only the solid can be seen: the earth, the shells, the rock or the sand.

Love the orange of the snail shells or the dark purple of the clams, the hazy white of the sun on the beach, the cliffs in Vama Veche or in Kalamata the sandy rocks, the nets lost among stones. ...Or the snails in the filthy snow, the frozen oysters, the patches of beach forgotten in the cold. An unexpected glance into the most distant detail, down there among clams and rocks, an unexpected salty smell of sea water; a surprising light beyond the sand. The extremes entwine, the snow melts, the heat materializes. And the stone lives... Some houses are speechless, actors facing the roaring of the sea or the silence of the time. The light transcends them immaterially. The whitewashed houses as small as boxes, or, on the contrary, enlarged against the whole picture, red roofs, of fresh or old rusted tiles, painted white on the edges, glittering crystals on the porches, they seem to be scattered on the blue of the sky, on the brilliance of the rock walls mixing with the green spots of the silvered olive trees. Love the idea. The non figurative presumes externalization and the correct conveyance on the canvas of its conception about the meaning. Appearing of nowhere but existing in the sub consciousness it reveals itself gradually displaying its sides; Husserl’s Noeza and Noema are fluidly rendered in the movement but abruptly in colour. Inside the articulated and recognizable shape there are sinuous lines with no constructive role with and elegant calligraphy where the colour gets its plenitude in a vision accused of space proximity. The harmonies are, either burning in sober yellows and browns, in solid contrast with the turquoise and the blue, or translucent and fluffy in the purple, violet or white shades. The idea becomes touchable, it pulses, it has a contour. The idea born gets a shape, turns into meaning, becomes sense... Her art can be admired in many private collections in Bucharest, New Orleans, Houston, Boston and New York.


E-mail: corneliaweselowski@yahoo.com